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Protecting properties and resources

NS aims to ensure that properties and premises are well protected against damage, vandalism and unauthorised access. In 2022, NS continued its work to protect properties and create a safe working environment for all its employees. For example, in 2022 we established two Security Control Centres (SCCs) in Utrecht and Amsterdam to protect our properties including workshops, offices, holding yards, privately owned parts of stations, and rolling stock. We are strengthening protection at more and more locations, for example by installing alarm systems, camera surveillance, remote access control facilities, alarm processing and the deployment of mobile security staff from the SCCs. All of this has enabled us to use our existing security systems and security staff more effectively. Furthermore, in 2022 we launched a project to identify and inspect security risks at NS sites from an organisational, constructional and electronic security perspective.
We will continue our commitment to preventing and combating graffiti on our rolling stock, buildings and premises. We have a data-controlled strategy for this including the use of mobile security staff, specially trained dogs, sensors, cameras and collaboration with partners in the chain, the police and judicial authorities.

Terrorism and extreme violence

The threat level in the Netherlands was quite high in 2022. We were alert to the risks of terrorism and other forms of serious and extreme violence. Incidents involving suspected firearms or suspicious behaviour continued to impact our services in 2022, due in part to the occasional large-scale deployment of police. For example, Leiden Centraal station and all tracks were evacuated and all train traffic was suspended in response to a report about a person carrying a firearm.
We then consulted with the sector, the NCTV and the national police force about incorporating existing agreements concerning terrorism in the Crucial Rail programme in order to safeguard their continuity. We also conducted more security drills and inspections at our stations and in our trains in 2022.


In order to run the Eurostar, we have to meet the requirements set by the Channel Tunnel Authority. At Amsterdam Centraal and Rotterdam Centraal we use advanced security devices to perform security checks of all passengers and their baggage and our employees. In view of the upcoming conversion of Amsterdam's Amstelpassage into a Eurostar terminal and the expected growth in passengers, we are further stepping up security measures in the coming period.

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