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Collaboration with our partners

In 2020, the government decided that the roles, responsibilities and ownership arrangements regarding the stations will remain unchanged. In 2022, ProRail and NS Stations ratified their renewed collaboration initiative in a public-public partnership arrangement, and they will continue their joint efforts in the development, realisation and management of world-class stations.

As part of the Toekomstbeeld OV 2040 (Vision for the Future of Public Transport up to 2040), in 2022 we jointly adopted and published the Action Agenda for Public Transport Hubs. This agenda was drawn up to streamline our collaboration in tackling the development challenges at and around public transport hubs, including railway stations.

The declaration of intent for the Station Agenda was signed in February 2023. Drawn up in collaboration with ProRail, NS Stations and other stakeholders, the Station Agenda is the vision document for all stations covering the period up to 2040. It describes the governance, management and funding mechanisms for stations. It is accompanied by an Implementation Agenda with performance agreements on passenger satisfaction, accessibility and personal safety.

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