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Work perception

Employee perception survey

The biannual employee perception survey, held in 2022, was completed by over 11,000 colleagues (60%). Their signal was clear: I like working for NS, but in a number of respects things are not as I want them to be. 71% of our employees gave a mark of 7 or higher (out of 10) for working for NS.

Many colleagues indicated that they feel welcome and at home with NS. 72% of the respondents said they felt their work was meaningful. Points of concern included work pressure, undesirable behaviour (perceived and experienced), leadership and personal development. Managers in all departments discuss the survey results generically with their people. Together we will decide what we will continue doing, and what we are going to do differently. We aim for a tailored approach, with the teams themselves taking the initiative. In this way, we will establish the specific requirements for each team and the things they need to improve work satisfaction scores.

Listening non-stop

Since late 2021, NS has conducted monthly work perception surveys under the title ‘Continu luisteren’ (Listening non-stop). The results show us how employees perceive their work, allowing us to intervene more quickly if required. ‘Continu luisteren’ supplements the employee perception survey, which is held once every two years.

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