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Customer satisfaction

NS marks out various trail runs between train stations. Participants jog through the countryside with the focus mainly on the experience and less on speed.

To provide a high-quality passenger experience, three core needs of passengers must be satisfied: planning control, the freedom to make their own choices, and a feeling of being appreciated. We meet these core needs by providing high-value and personalised services.

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Customer satisfaction with the main rail network and the high-speed line

Since 2021, we have measured general customer satisfaction levels using the Public Transport Customer Barometer (OVKB). Due to the anti-COVID-19 measures in place, in 2021 OVKB surveys in the trains were only held in the last quarter of the year. In 2022, a total of four surveys were held covering the last three quarters of the year. The figure for 2022 will be published on the CROW website at the end of February 2023.

IT failure

A major IT failure impacting multiple crucial systems occurred on 3 April 2022. This was followed by a rupture in the overhead contact wires at Hoofddorp, which meant that remedial measures were no longer possible and we were forced to shut down train traffic from midday. For the rest of the day there were practically no trains. We are aware that this situation caused severe inconvenience to all our passengers. They had to wait for a long time before it became clear that the disruption was not going to end any time soon and they should arrange alternative transport themselves. But the situation was also quite frustrating for our employees. This is why NS apologised to all passengers and NS colleagues. To ensure lessons are learnt and prevent similar situations in the future, NS commissioned three independent parties to investigate the incident. We have decided to adopt all the recommendations resulting from this investigation: to make a back-up plan to ensure minimum alternative transport capacity, to examine the option of a shuttle system and to improve specific IT systems.

Customer service and social media interaction

In 2022, 77% of customers awarded NS Customer Service a mark of 7 or higher (out of 10). This is less than the score in 2021. In 2022, as passenger numbers increased so did de number of contacts per channel. In addition, major disruptions in train services and industrial action in the Netherlands and abroad resulted in additional pressure on capacity at Customer Service. We introduced self-service solutions, such as a money-back arrangement in the event of delay, and are currently expanding these.

Number of contacts per month

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Money back in the event of delay

In 2022, NS gave passengers their money back in the event of delays and reimbursed the costs of alternative transport, taxi fares and hotel accommodation. Examples of occasions when NS provided such compensation were the IT failure and railway strikes.

In total, NS awarded 184,996 claims for a refund due to delay in 2022 (totalling €2.2 million). Compensation for alternative transport, taxi fares and hotel accommodation was granted 32,293 times (totalling €3.2 million)

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