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Stakeholder dialogue diagram


Nature of dialogue

Content of dialogue

Effects of the dialogue on NS policy

EU institutions, CER, UIC, ERA

Informational, creation and to determine standpoints  

4, 5, 6, 7, 10.

Promote sustainable mobility in Europe and a level playing field with other modes of transport such as air and car, stimulate international rail traffic (for distances up to 700 km), investments and co-financing, stimulate innovation, facilitate international door-to-door travel, improve international ticketing and customer services

  • Strengthening the position of national and international passengers

  • Optimising cooperation between European railway companies and institutions

  • Sustainable investments in the railway sector that contribute to climate objectives by stimulating the modal shift from air to rail

  • NS’s reputation as a sustainable partner

National (NL)

Nature of dialogue

Content of dialogue

Effects of the dialogue on NS policy

Customers (consumers and businesses)
N.B. Some customer groups are represented by interest groups. See also LOCOV

Informational, creation, monitoring

1, 2, 4, 6, 11, 12

Timetable, public transport card (OV-chipkaart), customer satisfaction, handling complaints and inquiries, consumer portfolio, corporate portfolio, collaboration with bus, tram and metro companies, accessibility

  • Innovation in Mobility-as-a-Service: the integration of new chain services in our product range, such as e-scooters from Check via Rivier. Agreements with Tier, DeelfietsNL and Mywheels to expand the range with their services in 2023.

  • Development of crowd information and communication in the NS app: the train journey can now be reported anonymously via ‘switch on notifications’. Passengers receive notifications about seat availability, disruptions, delays or track changes.

  • NS Voordeel pilot will be continued on several routes. The discount per train journey is determined by our crowd data and can be as much as 60%. We are attracting extra passengers and there seems to be a spread effect.

  • NS Flex: over a million customers now travel with an NS Flex season ticket.

  • Follow-up introduction of the Young Person’s Day Ticket: more than two million day tickets purchased.

  • Introduction of new proposition Vroegboek Dal (early reservation/off-peak) where passengers can travel with a 10% discount.

  • Improvement of group ticket: available for groups of two or more.

  • International travel: laid a technical foundation in collaboration with partners to be able to book a larger part of Europe online

  • Expanding the number of stations with travel assistance (+27 stations).

  • Improving direct feedback options for passengers using NS Travel Assistance

  • Simplification of the provision of information for (among others) passengers with a slight intellectual disability and development of opportunities to practice travelling.

  • Improving communication for people with a hearing impairment at the station by replacing all teleloop systems at the information desks and in the OV Service Shops

  • Implementation of the Whatsapp and text message option (SWAP) in the event of an unsafe atmosphere or nuisance in the train or station will be completed in 2022. We also drew extra attention to this possibility via the screens and stickers in the trains.

  • In 2022, 80 of the 400 stations had access gates to reduce fare evasion and aggression at stations and in the train: more than 90% of people will pass through a gate at the start of their train journey or when leaving the station

Shareholder Ministry of Finance

Intensive involvement

3, 5, 6, 8

NS operations, remuneration, strategy, appointments, major investments, standard return, dividend policy, financial situation/COVID-19, CSR, foreign activities

  • Determining financial policy within the scope of Participations Policy Memorandum 2022

  • Appointment of new CEO

  • Management remuneration

  • Transparent reporting according to GRI

  • Progress GRC measures and saving efficiency measures

  • Investment decision DDNG, ICNG follow-up order

  • Restructuring and winding down of foreign activities

  • Impact of COVID-19 on financial performance of NS Availability payment and Transition plan

  • Drafting and monitoring CSR targets as part of the Participations Policy Memorandum 2022

  • Chromium-6 compensation scheme

Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management

Intensive involvement

1, 4, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12

NS performance, door-to-door journey, travelling and working in safety, international connections, HSL South train services, cross-border transport, social and railway safety, OV-chipkaart (public transport smart card), accessibility, timetable, transparency, sustainability

  • Transport plan 2023, half-yearly and annual report 2022

  • Timetable 2023, 2024

  • NS staff shortage, integrated approach to staff shortage, consequences for timetable

  • Preparation for new franchise, Schedule of Requirements

  • KPIs/fulfilment of franchise obligations

  • International train services

  • Cross-border transport

  • Passenger spread

  • Availability payment and Transition plan 2023

  • Supporting accessibility measures 2023-2024

National political bodies

Informational, intensive involvement

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 10, 11, 12

Operational performance, customer satisfaction, being an attractive and inclusive employer, door-to-door journey, sustainable business, international travel, financially healthy organisation, innovation, digitalisation and data-driven working methods, safe travel and work, accessibility

  • Various measures to reduce staff shortages and optimise timetables.

  • Commitment to improve connections to and from regions

  • Follow-up study into acceleration and expansion of international, cross-border connections, including to Aachen and via the Utrecht-Arnhem-German border corridor

  • Accessibility of rolling stock increased, Administrative Agreement on Accessibility concluded and various studies are being carried out to improve services for passengers with a disability

  • Acting on various signals about social safety in the train

  • Introduction PET collection at 5 major stations

Supervisory authorities – ACM, IL&T, Dutch Data Protection Authority

Involvement, consultation (‘guidance’) and information

4, 7, 11, 12

Answering standard and ad hoc requests for information,

discussing current issues such as a more professional safety culture, (market) issues, acceptance of rolling stock, safety incidents, incident investigations, clarification of new regulatory requirements, and

providing input for market studies and consultations

  • Improve execution and service provision

  • Continue to promote compliance

  • Transparency

  • Position statement

  • Increase safety on the track, both for NS and industry-wide


Intensive involvement

1, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12

Long-Term Rail Agenda, timetable development, performance of the rail system, availability of infrastructure, planning future rail maintenance and improvement, safety, accessibility, station development, ERTMS, sustainability, joint performance indicators

  • Cooperation with regard to seasonal measures

  • Cooperation in the field of security (policy)

  • Cooperation in the field of sustainable business and accessibility

  • Cooperation in the field of stations (management, maintenance, development and new construction)

  • Better coordination between infrastructure and the timetable

  • Cooperation in the field of planning large infrastructural (re)construction plans

  • Cooperation with regard to sustainable development and placing it on the political agenda

(National Public Transport Users’ Forum)

Intensive involvement

1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 12

NS timetable, fares, travel information, service delivered to passengers, transport plan, new rolling stock, customer satisfaction, punctuality, rolling stock, accessibility, international connections, HSL services, NS strategy

  • Better train product by incorporating suggestions from consumer organisations in theme sessions and advice (timetable, pricing policy, accessibility, communication, etc.)

  • Adoption of various specific recommendations regarding the 2023 price proposal, such as not increasing the desk surcharge in 2023 and not maximising the joint journey discount

  • Adoption of various specific recommendations regarding the OV-ebike pilot, such as the extent to which the battery is full when an ebike is rented, how to deal with GPS data and stocking spare batteries

  • Implementing a few recommendations with regard to Timetable 2022 (such as the optimisation of the Sprinter Leiden – The Hague in the evenings) and with regard to Timetable 2023 (such as choices made regarding the scaling down on Wednesday)

Interest groups, NGOs, green partners, Anders Reizen (employers’ coalition),

Involvement, consulting and information

1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 12

Promoting sustainable mobility, promoting accessibility of train services for people with a disability

  • Identifying existing barriers for people with disabilities and jointly improving, designing and developing products and services to solve identified barriers

  • Discussions with NGOs and green partners about the ‘NS sustainable enterprise’ strategy, resulting in useful feedback, understanding and, where possible, appreciation for NS's sustainable direction and strengthening the mutual relationship

Trade unions

Intensive involvement

3, 7

Collective labour negotiations and agreement, pension plan, workload, capacity problems,

employee interests,

labour market problems, vitality, personnel and social consequences during organisational changes

  • Implementation of new collective labour agreement

  • New staff recruitment campaign

  • Scaling down of the timetable

  • Temporary alternative deployment model for personnel

  • Social Plan and additional measures

Suppliers, subcontractors

Consulting, negotiating conditions, making contractual agreements, intensifying collaboration, innovation and development, mitigating price increases and supply problems

1, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10,

Operational performance, sustainable business practice, innovation, financial performance, integrity and compliance, responsible procurement, risk management

  • Focus on cost reduction for NS as a result of financial situation

  • Focus on reliability, availability and cost of products and services for business-critical processes

  • Promoting collaboration, innovation and sustainability of the supply chain with suppliers


Informational, intensive involvement

All NS-related subjects

  • Position statement

  • Improve NS image in line with operational performance

Regional authorities and official representatives of the provinces, metropolitan regions and municipalities, other carriers and consumer organisations

Informational, negotiations, contractual agreements, crisis management, collaboration, exploring and investigating

1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12

Quality of train services, crowded trains, punctuality, network development, redevelopment of existing stations, public transport and railway discussion platforms, advisory body on the Multi-annual Programme for Infrastructure Space and Transport for the northwest Netherlands (BO MIRT NWNL), vision of the future of public transport and the public transport development agenda, national environmental strategy, timetable, cross-border transport, personal/railway safety, transport sector-wide agreements, regional franchises, noise nuisance near the railways, hub development

  • New, more modern stations and redevelopment of the station environment

  • Train service quality, busy trains, punctuality, network development, (re)development of existing stations, public transport and railway discussion platforms, advisory body on the Multi-annual Programme for Infrastructure Space and Transport for the northwest Netherlands (BO MIRT NWNL), vision of the future of public transport and the public transport development agenda, national environmental strategy, timetable, cross-border transport, personal/railway safety, transport sector-wide agreements, regional franchises, noise nuisance near the railways, hub development

  • Regional customisation for train replacement bus transport in the event of train withdrawals

  • Joint public transport development agendas for attractive stations and better door-to-door accessibility

  • Customisation in HRN timetable and better connections to regional public transport

  • Various bicycle parking facilities free for first 24 hours, expansion of P+R locations

  • Collaborating on regional challenges and ambitions for Vision for the Future of Public Transport

  • Door-to-door journey (including MaaS projects)

  • Optimising the Noord-Holland North timetable

  • Thinking along/working with municipalities for large-scale housing around stations

  • Quick scan ProRail-NS for acceleration measures for northern Netherlands-Randstad in the medium term, results discussed with coordinating body for railway infrastructure in the northern Netherlands (Bestuurlijk Overleg Spoor Noord-Nederland)

  • IC Randstad-Aachen

  • Intensification of cooperation with stakeholders based on our commitment to broad mobility, deployment of extra mobility developers

  • Cooperation in the region on, among other things, availability payment, spread (education and employers) and sustainable recovery

Internal: central and local works councils, vocational training


See: Attractive and inclusive employer 

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