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Reading guide

The NS Annual Report consists of a management report and the financial statements. Besides the foreword, the management report comprises the sections Trends and developments, and strategy, Our activities and performance in the Netherlands, Our activities and performance abroad, and Our impact. In addition, you will find information about NS Group, including the Report by the Supervisory Board, Risk Management and Dialogue with our Stakeholders.

Sustainable mobility
Based on five themes, NS demonstrates how it contributes to sustainable mobility in the Netherlands. If applicable, there is a little icon at the beginning of each chapter showing the theme to which the performance has contributed.




Sustainable mobility

The result of the following sustainable pillars

Zero-emission enterprise

Energy consumption for facilities and traction zero-emission in 2040.

Circular enterprise

By 2030, we will have achieved circular procurement, maximised material (re)use and eliminated waste from offices, workplaces and trains.

Green enterprise

In 2050, NS will contribute positively to biodiversity, health, climate change and adaptation.

For everyone

NS will have a suitable range of accessible chain services by 2040, and a fully accessible train journey by 2045.

By everyone

NS is and remains a reflection of Dutch society.

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