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Development of station areas

By developing station areas we are stimulating the use of public transport and reducing pressure on other infrastructure. The focus in station area development is on urban functions such as living, working, recreation and education. As co-owners of the stations, we are involved in area development projects at Amsterdam Zuidas and at various stations along the Oude Lijn between Dordrecht and Den Haag Centraal. By making its own land available, NS is contributing to the major sustainability and housing construction challenges facing the Netherlands. Some current projects:

  • The Cartesius Triangle in Utrecht is being redeveloped into an urban district with 2,850 homes. The monumental CAB building serves as the ‘living room’ of this city district and its surroundings (offering some 25,000 m2 of facilities).

  • A project for the Tweede Daalsedijk district in Utrecht includes the construction of 1,000 homes.

  • The EKP-Noord site in the railway zone of Den Bosch will be transformed into a dynamic and creative district combining residential, work and educational functions, including the School of Art & Design and more than 800 homes. This is a collaborative project of the municipality, PostNL, NS Stations and property developer SDK.

  • The Wagenwerkplaats in Amersfoort is a city district that offers a mix of residential and work functions, cultural venues and events. It is a long and narrow piece of land between the railway and the Soesterkwartier district. Next to the complex of nationally listed buildings (covering a total of 7,700 m2 ), the area offers space for approximately 1,100 new houses here as well as some 18,500 m2 for newly built mixed facilities.

  • NS and the municipality of Zwolle are redeveloping Zwolle Spoorzone into a new station area with 80,000 m² for houses and 100,000 m² for offices, education, culture and cafés/restaurants.

  • Nieuwe Kern, a district between Duivendrecht station, the Johan Cruijff Arena, the A2 motorway and Amstel Business Park, is being redeveloped into an area accommodating 5,000 homes, 250,000 m² of businesses, cafés/restaurants and offices, and a large city park.

  • To the east of Laan van NOI in The Hague, NS and the municipalities of The Hague and Voorburg are developing an area of 50,000-70,000 m² with mixed functions.

Building over the tracks

Building over and alongside the tracks near the station helps cities grow while remaining accessible in a sustainable manner. For Den Haag Centraal we completed a spatial study, together with the municipality and ProRail, to identify opportunities for a more efficient use of the space above the tracks and adjacent to the station for the purposes of quality improvement, densification of real estate and attractive connections with other parts of the city.

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