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Timetable for 2022-2023

The regular 2023 timetable, which was launched in December 2022, has enabled us to reduce the risk of last-minute train cancellations, increase the number of seats where necessary and give colleagues more space to take leave and reduce their workload. For example, under the new timetable one third of all trains have been extended. Trains are longer in particular during the busy weekends, accounting for an additional 85,000 seats. We have added 13,000 seats on working days, which works out at 4.4% more seating capacity during peak hours. The ten-minute train will return on the route from Eindhoven to Utrecht and Amsterdam from Monday to Thursday. Trains on a number of less busy routes will be fewer and shorter. Average seat availability will increase. However, on some routes trains can still be crowded, also in 2023.

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