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NS is committed to continuous efforts to make train travel more accessible for people with a disability. In 2022, pressure on our operational performance also affected NS Travel Assistance services, reducing the travel options for passengers with a disability. NS then launched a major effort to improve this service, as reflected in the following developments:

  • The introduction of the 2023 timetable, in December 2022, was accompanied by the launch of NS Travel Assistance at an additional 27 stations. This means that 89% of all NS stations now offer NS travel assistance services.

  • Together with people with a minor mental impairment and their representatives, we finalised a package of resources designed specifically for this group of passengers. We simplified information services and are working on a tool to enable people to practice travel situations.

  • We conducted a pilot study on informing passengers about major disruptions on the displays inside the trains. The tested solution proved technically infeasible; the study into alternative solutions is ongoing.

  • In 2022, we phased in 23 SNG-type train sets. The Sprinters feature retractable steps, wheelchair-accessible toilets and tactile information for the visually impaired.

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