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Attractive and inclusive employer

Asylum permit holders work at NS Train Modernisation as apprentice mechanics. At the same time, they do a vocational training programme with extra language lessons, so that they can work as an independent mechanic in the future.

Crucially, NS needs proud and healthy employees to put its strategy into practice. The Netherlands reopened after the coronavirus crisis from April 2022. NS was soon confronted with severe labour shortages and high levels of sickness absence. We were slow to anticipate this, and were forced to scale down our timetable. The impact on our employees was considerable. CLA negotiations resulted in industrial action. Amid all these developments, we continued our efforts to promote the level of professionalism and the development and inflow of talented employees.

Our sustainable spearheads


For everyone


By everyone


Our employees

  • Number of employees in the Netherlands at year-end 2022: 19,040 (17,089 FTE) (2021: 18,897 and 17,071 respectively).

  • Share of women: 31% (2021: 31%)

  • 70% were full-time employees (male/female ratio: 81%/19%) and 30% were part-time employees (male/female ratio: 41%/59%) (2021 full-time and part-time: 71% and 29%)

  • 88.5% on an open-ended contract (men 70%, women 30%) and 11.5% in a temporary contract (men 60.3%, women 39.7%) (2021: 91% open-ended, 9% temporary)

  • Average age: 44 (2021: 45)

  • 6.4% are temporary workers or hired professionals (2021: 5.3%), especially in IT, technology and office jobs.

  • Inflow of new colleagues: 3,394, of whom 2,737 were internal employees

  • Outflow: 3,123 colleagues, of whom 2,567 were internal employees

  • Internal advancement to another position: 1,565 colleagues (9.6%). 2,887 employees left NS.

  • Vacancies filled: 5,162. As on 31 December, 1,922 job vacancies had not yet been filled.

  • 72% of employees rated their work at NS with a mark of 7 (out of 10) or higher

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