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Occupational safety

NS reports on all types of occupational accidents involving injury expressed in the number of lost-time accidents per 1 million hours worked: the Total Recordable Rate (TRR). The TRR for 2021 was 4.0 (2020: 3.4). This was just above the target for the year, 3.8. Following the evaluation, a range of measures have been scheduled for 2022. Important efforts in this regard include accident investigations, the reporting and handling of dangerous situations as control parameters, and the RI&E process. The management and the Executive Board conduct so-called safety walks, centring around discussions on safety on the shop floor. We monitor these efforts on a dashboard and evaluate them periodically. In 2021, in support of these efforts we had a safety programme in place that was focused on reducing the number of incidents related to machine and electrical safety. Progress on the five principal safety risks (TOP 5) and all current actions to reduce those risks are discussed by the Executive Board periodically.

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