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A vigorous organisation, and absenteeism

The sickness absence rate at NS was 6.9% in 2021 (2020: 6.6%). Even when adjusted for COVID-19, sickness absence at NS shows a rising trend. This is the result of higher absenteeism due to psychosocial issues, and the fact that an ageing population will necessarily result in more long-term absenteeism.

Over the past year, NS also focused on increasing employee vitality. Measurements will give us a better understanding of the mental and physical health of our people, and of the underlying factors at play. These insights will serve as a basis for targeted actions to make the organisation more vigorous and prevent absenteeism. At NS, the frequency of people reporting sick is below the national average. However, the number of people that do not report sick at least once a year is also below the national average. Long-term absenteeism due to illness is high. The new occupational health and safety office Arbo Unie, supported by specially appointed case managers and managerial staff, will provide more intensive guidance, and at an earlier stage, in cases of actual or threatened long-term absenteeism.

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