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Leadership at NS

We aim to further improve results, digitise faster and respond faster and more flexibly to changes in our environment. To achieve these objectives, NS needs to become a more agile mobility company. This is why the focus in our transformation is on cost savings, improved result-oriented strategies and long-term behavioural change. Our leaders play a crucial role in realising this transformation, so it is important to inspire them, connect them, strengthen them and support them in leading the change process. For this reason, in 2021 we developed the 2021-2025 leadership strategy and organised three leadership sessions, each of which focused on current issues, the state of the transformation process and leadership – at the individual, team and organisational level. The transformation leaders move the process forward, acting as drivers, figureheads and ambassadors of transformational change.

In 2021, we continued our strong focus on promoting the current leaders and preparing the leaders of the future. In doing so, we aim to increase diversity in senior leadership positions and in our succession planning strategy. We have already identified potential successors for staff in key positions for the short and long term, and we conduct succession planning reviews three times a year. The current shortages on the labour market have made us all the more aware of the need to retain our leaders. 

Leadership development

Employees who aspire to and qualify for managerial positions can count on support and a range of in-company leadership development programmes. For example, we started a management programme this year with a new group of 28 candidates, helping them to get started in key positions successfully.

Long-term behavioural change

One crucial success factor in the transition to a smaller and more agile organisation is the realisation of a collective change in behaviour. In this connection, NS intends to encourage three specific types of behaviour: showing audacity, speaking our minds and calling others to account, and embracing change, This is why our leaders, supported by change consultants, are creating a context that invites employees to show these behaviours. For that purpose, all business units have developed a plan of action that will cover several years.

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