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Ease of payment in public transport

NS participates in the OV payment programme launched by the NOVB (National Public Transport Council). The programme, named OVpay, was set up to offer easier and additional payment options for public transport passengers. In future, passengers will be able to check in and check out using their bank cards, credit cards, mobile phones, smartwatches etc. as well as their regular OV-chipkaart (public transport smart card). We will gradually introduce various different payment methods (after having tested them with passengers):

  • Travelling using a bank card (contactless bank card and credit card payment: plastic, mobile and smartwatch). In 2021 systems, processes and the organisation were prepared for the phased launch of this service in 2022.

  • New OV-chipkaart (plastic, mobile and smartwatch). 2021 saw the launch of preparations for a pilot with the new OV-chipkaart for use on mobile phones. We intend to introduce the new OV-chipkaart in phases starting in late 2022.

  • Rail travel based on GPS positioning, with passengers’ smartphones logging travel and carrier details. We are testing the feasibility of this travel concept, which allows for a single check-in and check-out process during a journey with multiple carriers.

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